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Finished up Level 1 Electron by @LevelUpTuts this morning - easily one of the most fun sample apps I've ever seen in a tutorial. My only complaint is that I have to wait for Level 2 to come out 😭

@LevelUpTuts Thank you for the quality content! Always a pleasure to watch and learn from you!

Heard @stolinski talking about his Gatsby course on @syntaxfm and decided to pick it up. It's awesome! I would highly recommend it. 👍

Just finished my first course from @stolinski . Amazing quality, well explained and with nice hints how to go from here and what are some good places for improvements/cleanups.

Finally signed up to @LevelUpTuts and love @stolinski's series on React Hooks. Everything you need to know about useMemo, useReducer and useEffect in just 2 and a half hours! https://t.co/2IuZI60Rup

People from #100DaysOfCode.

If you have some money available to invest, please, check out @LevelUpTuts.

I wish I had signed up for a pro membership earlier. Definitely worth the penny!