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Semantic HTML

We look at Semantic HTML and why it’s important to use Semantic HTML elements if you’re trying to make your website accessible. And then we start diving into code.


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3 months ago

is there a gh-repo we can download?


6 months ago

Thank you John for your help, the structure it's very messy

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6 months ago [edited]

That folder structure on the code files made command line navigation kind of a pain.

Also, I had a similar error to Brian, but instead of rottnest.jpg, it had an issue with favicon.ico.

Those are small issues though, great course so far! Thanks for making this. I put accessibility as an afterthought for far too long.

EDIT: This might be the issue? https://github.com/parcel-bundler/parcel/issues/5943 I upgraded the package to parcel 2.1.1 (latest as of now) and everything seems fine.

EDIT AGAIN! I haven't progressed further into this course. I don't know if I've done broken something further down the line with this fix. If I run into issues, I'll come back here and update yet again.

For anyone wanting to upgrade but not sure how:

First delete your node modules directory and package-lock.json file. Go into package.json, and change line 16 to read "parcel": "^2.1.1" Then in the command line you can either npm install then npm start Or just npm start and npx will install everything fresh and start the server.

I think that generally running "npm start" without having things installed first won't work. But since Amy wrote the start script using npx instead of npm, just running npx start works out of the box.


6 months ago

I'm getting an error trying to run the local server. I've run npm install, but when I do npm start, I get the following error:

Server running at http://localhost:1234 🚨 /Users/brian/Learning/leveluptutorials/AccessibilityForEveryone/code/accessibility003/img/rottnest.jpg: Invalid Version: undefined

I'm using node v16.10.0.

For now I will just work without a local server, but I just wondered if anyone else is had a problem with this?

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