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VSCode Setup

For those running Deno in VSCode, we will need to download the official Deno package and update our settings to get rid of some errors that we are currently seeing.


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about 1 year ago

Kinda wondering if they changed the API since this tutorial was created. I'm getting this error:

error: TS2554 [ERROR]: Expected 2-3 arguments, but got 1. const s = serve({ port: 7777 }); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ at ...

An argument for 'handler' was not provided.
  handler: Handler,
    at ...

TS2504 [ERROR]: Type 'Promise' must have a 'Symbol.asyncIterator' method that returns an async iterator. for await (const req of s) { ^ at ...

TS2773 [ERROR]: Did you forget to use 'await'? for await (const req of s) { ^ at ... Found 2 errors.

But I was able to get it running with an example from the Deno Docs:

import { listenAndServe } from "https://deno.land/std@0.109.0/http/server.ts";

listenAndServe(":7777", () => new Response("Hello World \n"));


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