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Reading A File

I’ll be showing how you can add a file to the Main process using our new Menu skills to trigger a function to open and read a file. You’ll learn some of the core functions that will enable you to read entire directories-worth of files and edit, modify, save, and create new files.


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over 1 year ago

@Chris Borchert's solution worked for me as well. Would be great to have an updated video series @LevelUp


almost 2 years ago

@Chris Borchert That's exactly what I experienced as well; using dialog.showOpenDialog() actually throws errors with the file path that's returned not being a string. Adding a global mainWindow ( let mainWindow ), since reviewing Scott's course repo shows that I missed that step in a video, plus using dialog.showOpenDialogSync() resolved any issues I had using the current version of electron.js.

Chris Borchert

about 2 years ago

Any one else having any issues using a newer version of Electron should either make sure to have the correct version of electron or use dialog.showOpenDialogSync() instead of dialog.showOpenDialog(), since dialog.showOpenDialogSync returns a Promise now.

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