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Getting Started

Welcome to Modern GraphQL Databases with Prisma! In this video, we will get all set up and ready to go.

git clone git@github.com:glassblowerscat/file-manager-api.git
cd file-manager-api
npm install
npm install graphql @graphql-tools/schema express-graphql
npx prisma init
npm install @prisma/client


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about 2 months ago

I ran into an issue in the "Organizing our API into Modules" video. In that video we need to install "graphql-modules", which, at the time of this comment, appears to only work with versions 14.x.x or 15.x.x of graphql. If you install graphql without specifying the version it will install the newer 16.x.x version, which will be a problem later on.


8 months ago

I'm a bit confused here: How does the docker run command know to pull down a postgres image? Is there some magic when you name it postgresql-container?


9 months ago

Here is the docker run command he ran if you'd like to copy paste

docker run --name postgresql-container -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=dbPass -d postgres

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