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Getting Started With GatsbyJS

In this video, we are going to start by installing the Gatsby CLI using Node. We will also take a look at GraphiQL, a very important tool that will we use to query and test our data.

Installing & Understanding Node.js: https://youtu.be/K5_B737B9l0


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over 2 years ago

@James Hey James (and future readers) - I'm not a expert at all the technologies. But hoping my answer helps.

React can handle your front-end AirBnB-esque app concept and it's functionality. You'll still need a server and database, some modules to optimize for speed/seo/etc. If you already have much of the backend stuff ready, and just want a interface - go with React.

Gatsby is a React framework that generates static webpages and make things super fast/optimized. When you build it, it gives you a bunch of html/css/js files. So you have to find your own place to host.

Next.js provides a backend with NodeJS. It builds webpages dynamically, and better for your use case of a AirBnB-esque app.

More info: https://dev.to/jameesy/gatsby-vs-next-js-what-why-and-when-4al5


about 3 years ago

Hey Scott, when should I use Gatsby vs Next.js vs just React? I get that Next.js is server-side rendering whereas React is client-side rendering. I have a project that is sort of like an Airbnb app were users can create listings or view listings. I will be saving user's photos to S3. Are any of these options best for this type of project? I would load times for images to be as quick as possible. Thanks!

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