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Pro Gatsby

In this series, we are going to learn all about Gatsby version 2. This series is a rework of the original Pro Gatsby series and will deliver more content and go deeper into important Gatsby fundamentals. By the end of this series, you will be comfortable creating a static website using Gatsby.JS.


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over 2 years ago

Hi! Dove into this one this December 2019 but found that the file structure changed a little bit. So, I had to go around. Wasn't able to accomplish the animation part because of it. Anyhow, it was a good concise meaty tutorial. Will dive into the next levels.

Jd Tripp

almost 3 years ago

Just started, and I'm vary happy to see how easy everything has been. It makes building pages a snap!

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almost 3 years ago

Super excited to dive into this.


about 3 years ago

Awesome course mate, I loved it

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