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Orbit Controls

Now that we have our first cube made, it is time to make it better by first making it so that we can change the rotation and position of our cubes. After that, we will expand our possibilities even more by adding orbit controls.


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6 months ago

If you're using TypeScript you need

import { OrbitControls } from "three/examples/jsm/controls/OrbitControls";
import { Canvas, useThree, extend, ReactThreeFiber } from "@react-three/fiber";

declare global {
    namespace JSX {
        interface IntrinsicElements {
            orbitControls: ReactThreeFiber.Object3DNode<OrbitControls, typeof OrbitControls>

//... you'll be able to use <orbitControls /> without a problem
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almost 2 years ago

@Oby gl is the Web Graphics Library renderer, here is a list of everything you can extract from the useThree hook: https://inspiring-wiles-b4ffe0.netlify.app/4-hooks


almost 2 years ago

what is gl? the part where you added the camera and domElement

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about 2 years ago

@Didier Do you have your code up in a repo/sandbox so I can take a look at it? Hard to tell where the error is by just looking at that error

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about 2 years ago [edited]

I keep getting this error when importing OrbitControls: https://cln.sh/Zq60Ka I should note I've thoroughly checked my code for syntax errors, but it's completely free of those.

I'm using Next.js, but I don't think that should matter. Any ideas?

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