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What Is Svelte Kit

In this video, find out what Svelte & Svelte Kit are. We talk about how Svelte Kit can improve your web apps for both developer and user experience.


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about 1 year ago

Svelte is definitely up and coming, its being used widely within agencies and I know of a few decent sized sass projects being implemented using svelte. It's definitely not lollipop, that's probably why quality pro learning sites like leveluptuts is producing content for svelte. Sveltkit is different enough from vuejs and react that its worth exploring and its gaining traction. I am considering using Sveltkit over Nextjs for my own startup, why, because its more cost effective to host and run svelte over Next and React, also the learning curve is less, so its easier to onboard new developers and the ecosystem is growing.


4 months ago

Totally agree with Sean... I've been coming here, on and off for years, to learn some of the newer frameworks... Svelte, Astro, Web Components, etc. Scott does a great job of making it easy and interesting enough, where I know I can run with it.


about 1 year ago [edited]

@bobo This is easily the weirdest comment I've ever seen on a site like this. People who take this course are looking to learn Svelte -- that's why we're here. For me, it's because it's clearly an up-and-coming technology that's going to compete with the big boys soon, if not already, and I'm interested in playing around with it. If I wanted to learn the things you mentioned, I'd go find courses on that material. For instance, I'm a DevOps engineer and I've taken several AWS courses on PluralSight. Why would I also expect to find that on site full of web technology tutorials?

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about 1 year ago

@bobo Gotta defend Scott on this one. Wholeheartedly disagree with you bobo, his catalog is perfect for his audience and if he taught the stuff you listed I would stop paying. You should go to plural sight for that content.


about 1 year ago

I like you but you abut think you are watering down the value of the site by adding this type of lollipop tech. Picking tech that isnt in demand for professionals. Devs need things like AWS, AZURE, algorithmic code, functional code, OOP, js completely anything js, node, that type of stuff.

Just think these wont help people my 2cents and happy to pay more to get that content :D


about 1 year ago

first had to do it.

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