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About Level Up Tutorials


800+ free video tutorials created, recorded, edited, published and maintained by Scott Tolinski.

The Story

Level Up Tutorials was created in March of 2012 by Scott Tolinski & Ben Schaaf while working together at Q LTD in Ann Arbor, MI. In February of 2012, Scott suffered a concussion after an injury while breakdancing . Stuck inside and unable to be active, Scott & Ben plotted to try and ease the pain of poor or outdated documentation and training on web projects. Although Ben enjoyed creating tutorials, due to time constraints he was unable to continue and Scott took on the project by himself.

The Philosophy

Building websites is frustrating, or at least it can be. Level Up Tutorials sets how to help fix a major problem in learning technologies. The lack of in-depth, basic tutorials that teach more than just what to type when. Videos created for Level Up Tutorials are aimed to be accessible and easy to follow while maintaining high production values.


Scott Tolinski

Level Up Tutorials Founder

Scott Tolinski is the creator of Level Up Tutorials where he has created thousands of free and premium web development tutorials. Scott also is the co-host of the popular web development podcast, Syntax .

In his free time Scott is a dedicated Bboy (breakdancer) & enjoys pushing himself athletically through dance, working out and snowboarding. He also enjoys green tea and Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies.

Thom Allen

Development Manager

Thom Allen is a web developer and UI designer that has worked in the industry for more than ten years. He's worked at for large companies in the tech industry along with various small digital agencies where he got his start. Thom has been flying paragliders for years and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and riding his bike with friends. He's a big fan of whiskey, delicious healthy food, and loves to travel whenever he can.

Eric Sartorius

Web Developer

Eric Sartorius is a digital nomad that enjoys coding from all around the globe. After teaching English in both Japan and Korea for 8 years, he decided it was time for a career change and started studying web development.

Eric currently owns a web consulting agency called Pure Func . He also works as a developer for Level Up Tutorials and continues to constantly travel and occasionally breakdance with Scott whenever they meet up.