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Sending Events Up the Svelte Component Tree With createEventDispatcher

Jan 14, 2022

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Scott Tolinski

Sometimes you're writing a component in Svelte and you would really like for an event to take place inside of the component but consume the results of the event in a parent. This is where Svelte's createEventDispatcher comes into play.

createEventDispatcher is part of Svelte core and is used like this.


    import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte';

    const dispatch = createEventDispatcher();

    function sayHello() {
        dispatch('message', {
            text: 'Hello!'

This, then produces a Svelte style event on the usage of the component via the standard 'on' syntax. ie on:eventName. In this exampled pulled from the official Svelte tutorial, we're dispatching an event named 'message', so therefore the even will be on:message.


<Inner on:message={anyFunctionYouWant}/>

See the official Svelte Tutorial for a great interactive example on how to use. https://svelte.dev/tutorial/component-events