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getInitialProps and Our First API Calls

This video is about #6 getInitialProps and Our First API Calls


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almost 2 years ago

Hi guys, getInitialProps is now deprecated, use getStaticProps instead: https://nextjs.org/docs/basic-features/data-fetching


almost 3 years ago


I'm not 100% sure I did this correctly, but for those following with a LocalByFlywheel. I'm pretty sure it's a little dodgy.

In the root dir where .next & node_modules I added all the dependencies and devDependencies that are in the source-code provided. From the

  • headless-wp-starter endof07/frontend/package.lock

Didn't bother with version control. All packages up-to-date. There are some dep errors but seems to be good enough for following along.

Scott, I don't suppose you can recommend any alternatives for next.js bundling (like starterkit) alongside a LocalByFlywheel Development?

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