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Package Management

In this Intermediate Meteor video tutorial we get our project started!! I then talk a bit about how to easily add packages and what some of those packages are. Please copy the list below and paste it into the end of your packages file after deleting insecure and autopublish.

Packages: kadira:flow-router kadira:blaze-layout erasaur:meteor-lodash stolinski:stylus-multi fortawesome:fontawesome spiderable fastclick raix:handlebar-helpers aldeed:collection2 aldeed:autoform accounts-ui accounts-password matb33:bootstrap-glyphicons msavin:jetsetter zimme:active-route gwendall:auth-client-callbacks

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almost 3 years ago

There is a bug when installing aldeed:collection2 package. According to the recent aldeed:collection2 documentation (https://github.com/aldeed/meteor-collection2) you have to run: 'meteor npm install --save simpl-schema' in the root directory for the package to be correctly installed and loaded into Meteor.

If the error appears before installing simpl-schema:

  • Comment the line inside the packages file with a #
  • Wait for Meteor to reload and remove the package. After that:
  • Close the meteor server
  • Install simpl-schema
  • Remove the comment on aldeed:collection2 package name
  • Restart meteor with 'meteor' command

Clayton Zaugg

about 3 years ago

Great tutorial, really appreciate your approach to teaching concepts! I came here for a brush up and actually learned a few things I hadn't before, so thank you!

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