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Where To Go From Here

Now that we have successsfully created our auth flow, where can we go from here? We can always add styling to our new UI but digging deeper into 2FA is also a great way to level up your auth game.

Thanks for watching!


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David Bergeron

11 months ago

PHEW. Took me a while but I'm glad I stuck it through. Was a bit of a slog towards the end (multiple 20+ min videos in a row aaaah) but I learned a lot.

Loved working with Fastify and Caddy, although they definitely threw me for a few loops along the way. Oh right we did emails too geeze louise!

My only criticism is that it feels like I'm a long ways away from having a working auth setup for a react build. Definitely a worthwhile side project to embark on, but I was hoping to have something I could more easily drop into existing projects.

Regardless, enjoyed the content! Thanks Scott!

Mark Volkmann

over 1 year ago

Thanks so much Scott! I really learned a lot from going through all of the auth videos and reimplementing everything myself.

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