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Frontmatter And Formatting


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about 2 years ago

@Klaus Pedersen Same here, can't use slug:

{ "error": { "errors": [ { "message": "Cannot query field slug on type BlogPost.", "stringified": "Cannot query field slug on type BlogPost.\n\nGraphQL request:10:9\n 9 | date(format: Do MMM YYYY)\n10 | slug\n | ^\n11 | }" } ] } }

Klaus Pedersen

over 2 years ago

Somehow i cant query for slug i got path instead but its behaving diffrent


almost 3 years ago

Hi, the tags don't work for me either. Are there certain properties you can and can't throw in the frontmatter?


about 3 years ago

The tags and image frontmatter don't work for me. I get a "Cannot query field "tags" on type "BlogPost" error even when I restart the server. It seems like I can only use the default fields.

I think it might have something to do with the newer version of source-filesystem and transformer-remark I have?

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