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Where To Go From Here

So where can we go from here?
After practicing to write a few tests of your own, make sure to check out the Cypress docs and browse some of these examples:
Thanks for watching!


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about 1 month ago

Definitely third this request about testing input forms.

I will say that after a few videos, I was able to figure it out and really pour into the documentation for my needs. But I'd also love to see Scott fill out say, a contact us form and submit!

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7 months ago

@Michael Agreed. Course was a great introduction to the technology Cypress, but it would have been nice to include 3-4 videos of just writing tests, insert around video 15. Still, 9/10 course! Cypress is awesome!


7 months ago

I was really hoping to get at least a few examples of how to write effective tests like you described in this video. Like an effective method for testing input forms.

Regardless, the overall course was helpful and useful!

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