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Elements Module & Absolute Imports

In the previous video, we talked about building a utilities library. In this video, we’ll be talking about building a styled components library.


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over 2 years ago

@Trace this was the only thing that worked for me! Here is a link to the docs: https://styled-components.com/docs/faqs


over 2 years ago

@Trace Thanks Trace, was wondering why I got that error.


about 3 years ago

thanks for these updates; helped a lot.


about 3 years ago [edited]

Bummer, the import using the index file does not work at all for the Card component.

Tried the suggestion of cdcasey. Also tried: https://hackernoon.com/absolute-imports-with-create-react-app-4c6cfb66c35d

Getting the error: ./src/Elements/Modal.js Attempted import error: '../Elements' does not contain a default export (imported as 'Card').

Only possible way is using the import directly instead of via the ./src/Elements/index.js. Which defeats the entire purpose of this video and the next.


import { Portal } from 'Utilities';
import { Icon } from 'Elements';
import { Card } from 'Elements/Cards'; 
// ^ this should typically not be necessary as explained in the video

// ...


import Icon from './Icon';
import Modal from './Modal';

export * from './Cards';
export { Icon, Modal };


import styled from 'styled-components';

export const Card = styled.div`
  background: white;
  border-radius: 5px;
  padding: 15px;
  box-shadow: 2px 2px 10px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);


about 3 years ago

@Trace Thanks


about 3 years ago

@Trace Thanks


over 3 years ago

I got a deprecation warning about setting NODE_PATH in a .env file, so instead I put the following in a jsconfig.json file:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "baseUrl": "src"


over 3 years ago

@Trace Thanks :)


over 3 years ago

Newer syntax deprecated the Card.extend syntax.

Proper way is now const ModalCard = styled(Card)``;

Not hard to find, just figured I'd leave it here for anyone in the future.

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