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React Spring Basics Part 2

In the previous video you’ve learned what you can do with React Spring and in this video we’ll be building upon that foundation. You’ll learn how to interpolate different properties to improve transitions and make them look smoother.


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over 3 years ago

Looks like the newer version of React Spring requires some changes, My first error was that ''Transition' is not exported from 'react-spring', which I fixed by importing renderprops, eg: import { Transition } from 'react-spring/renderprops';

The second error was that _children is not a function. Looks like you have to supply the Transition component with the 'items' prop, eg: <Transition items={on} from={{ opacity: 0, bg: '#82d8d8', height: '0px' }} enter={{ opacity: 1, bg: '#524763', height: '200px' }} leave={{ opacity: 0, bg: '#82d8d8', height: '0px' }} > {on => on && Header} Which is the primary means of detecting changes.

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