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Custom Snipcart Hook

We were able to successfully get Snipcart up and running on our original app, but as we might have noticed, we lose some of the functionality as we navigate between our new dynamic pages due to the clientside route changes. To solve this, we're going to learn how to create a custom React hook that we can use globally with the Context API that allows us to tap into Snipcart's state directly in order to make sure we're always displaying accurate and up-to-date order details.


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9 months ago

Im having an issue with deploying with netlify. It was working previously but now I am being hit with an error when netlify tries to run npm run build.


about 1 year ago

Disregard previous comment, I was passing in the snipcart state into the snipcart context provider value prop incorrectly.


about 1 year ago

Having issues getting subtotal to update after implementing the useSnipcart hook. It seems the data for cart & subtotal is coming in after the Header component has rendered and the state is not updating as expected.

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