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Shared Layout

As we're starting to manage more than a single page, we're noticing that we're having to repeat a lot of the same UI components in each. While this isn't too bad with just a few pages, as it grows, we need to remember to make any changes on each and every page. Instead we can take advantage of the reusability of React components to abstract our entire layout, allowing us to manage all global components in a single, shared Layout.


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10 months ago

Great course, thanks!

I know the site was recently updated, so I'll just leave this generic feedback here. Delete if appropriate.

I get a 500 error at the end of the course, when autoplay has no more 'next' videos to play. I would like it if the 2x video speed is remembered from one video to the next. Also I'd like to scrub fast-forward or backwards with my arrow keys. And I had some trouble logging in on mobile, and resetting my password. Also I couldn't set the video speed to 2x. Lastly, I had some problems with setting video quality, which was set to Auto, giving me low quality. That might be a YouTube issue, but I haven't experienced it recently.

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