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Netlify & Github

Now that we have our project started, we're ultimately going to want to deploy it somewhere. We'll create a new repository with GitHub and integrate with Netlify to create a new deployment pipeline for a Next.js app that will allow us to easily push new changes to the web.


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5 months ago

No wonder I was struggling to get next.js projects onto Github, this is the first time I hear that I am meant to skip the first steps that Github gives me. Worked a charm. thanks a mil Colby :)


9 months ago

A noob question, is the serverless target necessary if deploying to Vercel?

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11 months ago

@Adam Yeah, you should add it if you want to use the serverless target.

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11 months ago

I did not need to add the target:serverless to my next.config.js - everything deployed without issue and is live. Should I add it any way for future proofing?

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