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Working With Markdown

Here, we are going to begin working with Markdown and a Markdown processor called a transformer. This transformer takes a node, in this case a Markdown file, and transforms it into something we can more easily query.


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about 2 years ago [edited]

@Robb Shoe If you encounted complaining about StoreStateProvider it's a known issue with some kind of missmatch between Gatsby and React. Or it could be there are multiple versions of react installed.

Github ref: https://github.com/doczjs/docz/issues/1225
I was able to fix this by removing react, react-dom and gatsby and reinstalling them in that order.

Robb Shoe

about 2 years ago

It also now appears that you can no longer format dates in the way presented by this video - I'm sure there's a different way and I'm guessing it could be found in understanding this Gatsby blog post:


...but honestly I have to run to the store and am just leaving the dates unformatted for now and will probably just drop Moment in if I end up using this setup for any sort of blog going forward, at least for now :)

Hope that helps!

Robb Shoe

about 2 years ago

For anyone coming through this course late - I had read the comments on the previous video (#7) and not installed gatsby-source-filesystem, but everything still broke upon installing gatsby-transformer-remark. A million errors were thrown when I attempted to re-start the development server, in my case, first talking about not being able to find react, and then complaining about an invalid hook call.

I'm not sure if it's the best way, and admittedly was more luckily flailing than fully understanding what I was doing, but I was able to get back to up and running by first doing an npm install, and then yarn add gatsby.

Hope that helps!

User avatar


over 2 years ago

As of Gatsby 2.18.12, you do not need to restart gatsby to update the GraphiQL. Mine showed up.

Additionally - I also have an explorer on the left-side, which makes it so much more easier to find the elements I want. I did have to refresh the browser page though, to show slug/title.

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