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Form Events With Controlled Inputs

In this video we will be dealing with form event and controlled inputs. We will continue to use mocking functions and spies


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Ian Lunn

about 2 years ago

Another (perhaps cleaner) option for changing the input value is by using @testing-library/user-event: https://github.com/testing-library/user-event

You import as follows:

import userEvent from "@testing-library/user-event";

Then write the event to change the input value to "hello" with:

userEvent.type(getByLabelText("Text"), "hello");

Fabio Montone

about 2 years ago

Wanna see something strange? onChange works with 'react-testing-library' import bot it doesn't work with '@testing-library/react'. I thought @testing-library/react was newer and up-to-date.

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over 2 years ago

Loving this course. Thanks a ton, Scott!

Ausar McGruder

over 2 years ago

This course has been great so far. I had to modify some stuff in the beginning from older dependencies..but overall, really good stuff.

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almost 3 years ago

@Arpita make sure you actually type in text in the label


almost 3 years ago

fireEvent.change(getByLabelText("username"), { target: { value: 'test' }, });

is not working for me

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