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Introduction To React Testing

Here, we will begin actually testing in React. We will continue to use Jest but in this video we will start working on a real world project. Check out the Level Up Tuts GitHub page below for the sample code.


git clone https://github.com/leveluptuts/React-Testing-For-Beginners.git
cd React-Testing-For-Beginners


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6 months ago

I do love Syntax podcast and I'm here because of it. So I had high expectations about those courses. But unfortunately it's outdated and every repo so far in this course has errors.

I feel disappointed :(


about 1 year ago

Hey which course has this code? i like the styled component and the react components you built i would like to go through it


almost 2 years ago [edited]

If any of y'all are having issues with the repo, just ignore it. It was based on a default create-react-app install. To build your own just run npx create-react-app [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]


about 2 years ago

I just got a sub to this site and the first course I try I can't do because of all the errors in the repo. I will wanting a refund


over 2 years ago

@jared Did you manage to get this working?


over 2 years ago

@Josh Casbolt I am having issues runing test, plus the repo is different than in the video.

I am on windows so brew doesnt work for me. This is frustrating, the error syas: Error: A package is trying to access another package without the second one being listed as a dependency of the first one

Required package: slash (via "slash")

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Josh Casbolt

over 2 years ago

Hey friends, just incase you have issues when running npm test here, (I had several errors) make sure you have brew & watchman installed, this fixed it for me:

Install brew: copy & paste 1 liner at https://brew.sh/

Install watchman: brew update brew install watchman


almost 3 years ago

@jared It did work for me when I tried to install( react-router-dom, react-scripts, react-transition-group, styled-components, eslint ).


almost 3 years ago [edited]

This repo is also pretty outdated ... might be worth an update :)

** Update ** Can't get it to work ... Lots of strange errors when trying to run jest. My best guess is deprecated dependencies

User avatar


over 3 years ago

Professional content. Thank you.

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