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React Testing Library & Debug

Now we are going to start working with react testing library. We will be building a basic component in React and will learn exactly how to test the functionality of our component.


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very old and unupdated course

about 1 year ago [edited]

need updates atleast on github repo, needs lots of changning before i can start writing my first test.


almost 2 years ago

@Dacey intellisense is not working

John Snow

about 2 years ago

yarn add react@next react-dom@next to support the latest functional component feature.


over 2 years ago

Thank you so much for the episode. It was great.


over 2 years ago [edited]

@king612 I just sent Scott a message on Twitter asking for guidance. He responded with the updated way on how to install react-testing-library and how to import it. You'll need to install via npm install --save-dev @testing-library/react and import from @testing-library/react


over 2 years ago

Can you please tell us how to remove your linting rules? I do personally do not like to use eslint rules for styling, since I use prettier. I am not able to ignore your linting rules.

Jekins Randoph

over 2 years ago

@Damian Hey Damain,

Yes we are!


over 2 years ago

Badly out of date. Need to update code and lesson.

Also, I never get the expect()... autoComplete / intellisense, even when I do this:

import '@testing-library/jest-dom/extend-expect'

never works


about 3 years ago

So we finished using Jest for testing?

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