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Testing Loading States & More Pitfalls

Next we are going to be testing loading states and other pitfalls and problems that you might run into. We will primarily be focusing on testing our largest component, movies list. You will use the knowledge and skills you have learned from previous videos to tackle this challenge.


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about 2 years ago

@Martin Coutts I'd recommend you download the code and compare your code to that, as the error describes it can't find that element. Will need to take a look at the code to see whats the problem.

Martin Coutts

almost 3 years ago

When I try to implement the deep testing by copying the code from Movie.test.js to my MoviesList.test.js the test fails where Scott's passes. I am getting the error

Unable to find an element by: [data-testid="movie-link"]

Unsure why other than it not being mounted before the test is run?

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