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Testing With Test Ids

In this video, we will be going over data test ids. Ids are a better way to identify our components and make testing our code faster and easier.


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about 2 years ago

@Mounica Yes Mounica, It is perfectly fine to leave test id's in production


about 2 years ago

Hi Scott,

Thanks for wonderful training... i have a small query regarding "data-testid" attribute that "Is that okay to keep "data-testid" in the code when we are promoting to production if not how can i hide the attribute in the code?"

Can you please guide me o this.

thanks, Mounica


about 3 years ago

@JSco +1


about 3 years ago [edited]

easier to just add jest to the env in .eslintrc than declaring globals

 env: {
    browser: true,
    es6: true,
    jest: true,   //  <- this

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