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CSS In Svelte Kit - PostCSS, Scss & Scoping

Now we will dive into CSS in Svelte Kit. Here we will learn how scoping, PostCSS, and SCSS fit into the picture.


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4 months ago

svelte-preprocess is indeed included already by default. However, sass is not. The error you will get now is

Cannot find any of modules: sass,node-sass

Note that node-sass is deprecated, so use sass instead.

npm i -D sass


8 months ago

I tried using node-sass and it did not work. It keep saying that this version of node-sass cannot find binding for node v16 but found binding for node v17.

I upgraded to the latest version of node which is v17.2.0 but node-sass still throw same error saying can't find binding for v17.x can find binding for v17.x. The error message totally doesn't make sense. What does it mean by it can't find binding for node v17 but can find binding for node v17.x???? LOL.

I uninstalled node-sass and npm installed sass and it worked just fine.


about 1 year ago

@8:37: "Now if we want to style things globally ... we have a couple of options."

There was only one option discussed—:global(). What are the other options to style things globally?


11 months ago

I believe the other way is the normal way. Write a CSS file and then add it in to the app.html file by linking it as a style sheet?


about 1 year ago

svelte-preprocess was already installed and imported when I started this video. Looks like SvelteKit has it set up by default now.

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