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Loading Data Before Initial Render

Moving on past routing, we will now take a look at loading. Here we will learn how to load our data before the initial render happens for a very fast user experience.


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3 days ago [edited]

Running into this error from a couple of lessons ago. It's only impacting me now, since we're returning some data in this lesson.

It looks a bit fresh I guess? Last comment was 24 days ago. I did try what was suggested on that page below, but it didn't work.

I do realize that big changes are happening right now, but if you have any suggestions on how to workaround this issue, please let me know.


I am on Linux, btw. Ubuntu 20.04, running Chrome 104.0.5112.79

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3 days ago

Disregard, I got it sorted out.

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4 months ago

page has been removed, now use params in our case. See documentation here: https://kit.svelte.dev/docs/types#sveltejs-kit-loadinput

Code should look like: <script context='module'> export async function load({ params}) { const post = { // slug comes directly from the file title title: params.slug, date: new Date(), body: "loremIpsum", }; return { props: { post } } } </script>

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2 days ago

Much appreciate these updates. Thanks.


about 1 month ago

Thanks Barbara !


4 months ago

Thank you!

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