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Dynamic Imports and Frontmatter

In this video, we will learn how to dynamically import our files.


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about 1 month ago [edited]

@Bryan I have checked and rechecked and also used the code provided and still getting the same error. I am not the only one that encountered this... see this thread here my issue is the exact same thing and I might mention that I am also using Windows machine. Similar thread with same question asked by another person taking the same tutorial here:
I'm loving this course but can't really move on until I get this figured out. Thank you for any help!


about 1 month ago [edited]

@Amy, Are you sure your import path is correct?

@Scott, why is this approach preferable to just dropping all the markdown files directly into a 'routes' directory. With MDSvex and the file based router, each post could already be available at say '/blog/filename'. Just add a post specific layout to deal with the front matter.

Mostly asking because I'm not sure that kind of import will work for certain build targets (adapter-netlify) for instance, or others where you are doing server rendering.


about 2 months ago

I cannot get my dynamic pages of hello or goodbye to load with my code or the code provided...not saying that it's not my fault, just would like to proceed. It's saying: failed to load module for the ssr: posts/hello (same for the goodbye) then, the Error: failed to load module for ssr: posts/hello at instantiateModule and then gives the file path to the dist\node\chunks\dep-c1a9de64.js Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you!!

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